Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your hours of operation?

Our showroom is open Monday-Friday 8:30am to 5pm & Saturday 9am to 12pm.

The Design Studio is available 24hrs a day! So start designing your own custom apparel.


How long will my order take?

Your order will take approx 10 business days from date of art approval.
We can handle rush order too, for an extra charge. All items are different and we will let you know the turn-around time when you submit your order.


Can i get a sample before I order?
We have samples of many products in our showroom. We cannot provide samples of decorated products.


Can I cancel or return my order?

You can cancel your order prior to artwork approval. If you have approved the purchase of product before artwork approval, a restocking fee will apply. Since everything we produce is strictly custom printed or embroidered, we cannot take back any returns. If there is an error on our part we will correct it.


Can we mix and match sizing, colours or styles?

Yes. As long as the logo does not change, you can choose any arrangement of sizes, and even different shirts, styles and colours.


What if we don't see what we want in your catalogue or on your website?

Just ask! There are many suppliers we use, so we can find what you're looking for.


Do you do customized Team uniforms?

Of course, we can do it all. Have a particular uniform in mind? We can have your jersey custom created! Add your name and number, make it personal.


Can we have our garments personalized?

Yes, we can embroider or print your personalized name on the product you choose. An additional charge will apply.


Do you use third party decorators?

Ricart has our own screen printing, heat press, debossing & embossing machine, laser engravers and embroidery machines. If there are special requests that we cannot provide in-house we'll use one of our qualified partners.


Can I supply my own items?

You can supply your own items. Depending on the material we may not be able to decorate your item. Please speak with one of our sales team. You will be charged a supplied item fee and sign our waiver.






I am starting a Company do you offer wholesale prices?

Unfortunately not at this time.


When you quote prices do you include all the hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges. Your invoice will be complete.


How is my price determined?

By product, quantity and decoration.





Screen Printing

Can you print on sleeves?

Yes, we have special pallets to print on sleeves.


Will Your Screen Printing Wash Off?

We use plastisol ink, that will not wash off.
Do not iron the printed area or it will soften and come off.


How Many Colors Can You Print?

We can print up to 10 colours per side/sleeve or hood.

Let your imagination go wild.


What Is The Minimum Quantity I Have To Order For Screen Printing?

We accept all orders of all quantities. However, smaller quantity orders will cost more. Our normal production run is about a dozen pieces.


What Is The Maximum Quantity That You Will Print?

We have no maximum. Send us your order!


How Large Can You Print My Image?

Maximum size is 15" x 19". For now.






What is a digitizing fee?

Your logo or image is converted to an special embroidery file that our machines can interpret. Once we have your file in our system, you do not need to pay again. You own the file.


What is the smallest detail you can achieve?

It depends on the material and amount of threads being stitched.


How many items do I have to order?

You can order once. But we'd like to see you come back as a happy customer.






Can you do full colour images?

We have the ability to print full colour sublimated plates.
Perfect for photographic backgrounds and full colour logos.






What Type Of File Format Do You Accept

We prefer EPS Vector files, and we can work with high resolution JPGs. Please no GIF files, or images pulled off the internet. They are not high quality and cannot be resized.






Ricart Inc is here to support you in every possible way.














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